Your chance to be part of the LHS PTO

The LHS PTO helps enrich the school experience by funding staff grants & curriculum enrichment projects. They support the students by organizing receptions for the Prom, Book Awards, Sophomore events, Senior Scholarship Night, etc. They keep the LHS community informed with multiple discussion forums the weekly email announcements. They support LHS families and students by providing financial support for students, funding the class donation for every grade and making newcomers to LHS feel welcome and informed

The Lexington High School PTO Nominating Committee is currently working to recruit volunteers for the 2019-20 school year. The list of open positions and a short description are listed below. Please consider joining and feel more connected to and informed about the school community.

OPEN LHS PTO Positions - The school year 2019-20

Here is a more detailed description of the roles: LHS PTO 2019-20 Open Positions

PTO Board

  • Co-President (1 open position)

  • VP Communication (1 open position)

  • VP Forums (1 open position)

  • VP Hospitality (2 open positions)

  • Secretary (1 open position)

Committee Positions to fill (You and a friend could volunteer)

  • Communications team, web design (1+ open positions)

  • Fall Teachers lunch (1+ positions)

  • Forums (5+ open positions)

  • Membership (1+ open positions)

  • Newcomer’s Committee (3+ open positions)

  • Snacks for Junior book awards (1+ positions)

  • Snacks for Junior prom pre-party (1+ positions)

  • Snacks for Senior prom pre-party (1+ positions)

  • Snacks for senior scholarships (1+ positions)

  • Snacks for the sophomore cruise (1+ positions)

  • Spring Teachers Lunch (1+ positions)

  • Teacher Grant (2+ open positions)

  • Teacher treats (2+ open positions)

  • Weekly Announcements (1+ open positions)

Any parent or guardian with a rising freshman and any PTO member with a rising sophomore, junior or senior is eligible to stand. If you are interested in standing for any of these positions - board or committee (you could express your interest in multiple positions) please email and include:

  1. Your name

  2. The grade your high school student(s) will be in for 2019-20

  3. The positions you are interested in (you could apply for multiple positions)

Send emails to about your desire to stand for the board or committees by March 18th.

This is a great way to feel connected to your child’s high school experience and support the entire LHS community of students, teachers, and families.

2019 PTO Nominating Committee
Betty Barrentine, Neerja Bajaj, Rina Kodendera, Ritu Gupta, Yao Chen