Fund Our Future Forum by LEA: Monday, February 4th at LHS

From Lexington Education Association:

A few years ago, a nonpartisan committee studied the formula the state uses to determine what is called the "foundation budget" or the minimum amount of money each community must spend to educate their children.  They found that the formula was woefully out of date and it did not adequately account for changes to educating children with special needs, English language learners and for providing heath care to staff, among other factors.  If those changes were enacted, Lexington would get an additional $3.8 million dollars in state aide.  

In addition, our public colleges have experienced declining funding for the last dozen years, causing students to experience increasing debt and increasing fees.  

So far the legislature has failed to act.  This year, the LEA is teaming up with other educational unions from across the state to push the legislature to revise the funding formula and provide adequate funding for both our public primary and secondary schools and public colleges.  

On February 4, 2019 at 7 PM, at LHS's Science Lecture Hall, the Lexington Education Association and the Burlington Education Association are holding a forum to educate people about the need for change and to encourage people to take action.  Dr. Hackett will be one of our featured presenters, along with Rep. Ken Gordon, Analyst Colin Jones and MTA VP Max Page.