Back to School Night - Student Class Council

The LHS CLASS COUNCILS will be having their first joint fundraiser of the year selling LHS GEAR at Back To School Night.   Please consider making a purchase to help each of the classes raise funds for activities that will bring the class together.

All proceeds from the sale will go directly to supporting class activities. 

Stop by The Class Council Table during a free block at Back To School Night and purchase a LHS Sweatshirt, LHS Teeshirt or Hat. 

Cash or checks made out to the Town of Lexington will be accepted. Thanks in advance for your support!


LHS Class Advisors...

Liz Curtin..Senior Class Advisor

Stacy McFadden and Jess Goodstone..Junior Class Advisors

Danielle Isreal and Kelly Anderson...Sophomore Class Advisors

Martha Queenin..Freshmen Class Advisor