The LHS PTO Endorses the YES! For Lexington Campaign

The LHS PTO joined the rest of the Lexington Public Schools in endorsing the Yes! For Lexington Campaign and encourages the LHS parents to vote on December 4th, to approve a debt exclusion to pay for the construction of vital infrastructure for our schools and public safety.

The projects are:

•    Maria Hastings Elementary School

•    Lexington Children’s Place (Pre-K)

•    Fire Station Headquarters

All of these buildings are over 60 years old and have outlived their useful life.  Repair is no longer an option. They must be replaced.

These facilities are all operating in substandard buildings that are too small to handle the current and future needs of Lexington. Investing in these projects will improve the education system and public safety for all of Lexington. The buildings for the Fire Station Headquarters and Maria Hastings Elementary School are both past the end of their useful lifespan. The Lexington Children's Place is relying in part on space borrowed from "Old Harrington" that is not up to current building codes for public schools. Replacing these buildings is part of the town's master plan.


If you want to learn more about the Yes! For Lexington campaign, please click here.