LHS PTO Guide to Communications 2018-2019



The LHS website contains a wealth of information. Answers to most questions may be found there. Want to know what your student heard over the PA during announcements? Go to the website. Confused about a date? A calendar of upcoming events, daily announcements, important notices, curriculum information and much, much more is only a click away.

Bookmark the website and return often for updates.


The Weekly Announcements provide up-to-the-minute information about LHS and PTO activities and events. The Weekly Announcements are sent once a week on Fridays and, if needed, during the week. The WA’s provide a timely calendar of community events and important announcements and reminders. All LHS parents should subscribe to the Weekly Announcements. Freshmen parents should be sure they subscribe BEFORE school begins in September so that they don’t miss important information during the summer before the beginning of the school year. To subscribe, please go to: https://www.lhspto.org/donate



This website contains volunteer opportunities for LHS parents, a calendar of events, summaries of Parent Forum guest speakers and information on how to join the PTO.


Want the inside scoop on student life at LHS? Go to the source. Subscribe to the award winning, “The Musket,” the student newspaper at LHS since 1969. The Musket is published 6 times per year and is available for a subscription fee of $20 annually. The issues are mailed to your home address. The Musket contains news, features, reviews and opinions all from the student perspective. To subscribe send your name, address, and contact information (email or telephone) plus a check for $20 (payable to Town of Lexington/The Musket newspaper) to: Julie Kuo, The Musket adviser, Lexington High School, 251 Waltham Street, Lexington, MA 02421.


The LHS Newsletter, published 9 times per year, is only available electronically. It is sent to members of the LHS listserv. The LHS Newsletter contains in- depth information and articles that you won’t see on the listserv, such as lists of student award honorees, summaries of student trips, department news, faculty profiles and coverage of special classroom events and activities at LHS. If you are subscribed to the listserv, you will automatically receive the LHS Newsletter.


As LPS is moving away from printing paper to providing more information online, so is the PTO. The PTO uses a web-based software provided by a company named MySchoolAnywhere (www.myschoolanywhere.com) to manage the student directory and PTO membership. Families New to LHS can join the PTO and input their contact information into the directory: https://www.lhspto.org/donate


LPS is shifting from providing hard copies of documents to posting them to the portal.  The traditional summer mailing will be available via the Aspen Family/Student Portal and no longer sent home through the mail. You will receive an email from the school when the information is available. Also posted to the portal will be your student’s progress reports, quarterly grades, attendance, current course schedule, course selections for upcoming school years, transcripts, graduation requirements, etc. Aspen can be accessed directly at https://ma-lexington.myfollett.com or through the LHS website by clicking on the Aspen logo at the top right corner of the home page.


There is a culture of student self-advocacy at LHS. This means that it is the student’s responsibility to advocate for a grade, assignment and so on. Recent LHS graduates agree that those who self-advocated while they were at LHS were better prepared for college life than those whose parents consistently advocated on their behalf. Self-advocacy is a skill that is acquired and not all freshmen and sophomores will feel equipped to successfully challenge a teacher’s perspective or grade. However, it is important that your student make the effort. In doing so, your child’s teacher will get to know your student better and first-person communication will have been established.


Teachers ARE available for extra help. Many are available to students during Z-block and by appointment. Teachers prefer to hear from parents by email. For a complete list of LHS staff emails, go to the LHS website and select “Faculty and Staff” from the top menu.


Get to know your Dean’s secretary. They are the key to smooth communication at LHS. Call your Dean’s secretary before 7:45 AM if your student will be absent or tardy to school. Write a note to your Dean’s secretary if your student must be dismissed from school for a medical or other appointment and have your student drop off the note in the morning to the Dean’s office. Your Dean’s secretary can also get you a locker and help you with many other tasks at LHS. They are an invaluable resource!