2015-16 LHS PTO Grant Summaries

Thanks to YOUR PTO membership and donations, the Lexington High School Grants Committee was able to fund eleven mini grants to support innovation and learning across the curriculum this school year. Below is a summary of the grants that were funded.

Guidance Department

Mindfulness Training - Guidance counselor, Melissa Buttaro, attended a Yoga Service Council Conference. She is currently teaching a Principles of Mindfulness class and will use the information from the conference to revise her curriculum and reach out to other groups within the school community next year.

Stress Reduction and Resiliency - A pilot program to read and discuss the book Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be by Frank Bruni.

Visual Arts

The Iron Cartoonist at LEXICON - Cara Bean invited professional artists to participant in an interactive drawing event, The Iron Cartoonist at LEXICON. LEXICON is a teen comic convention planned and hosted by students in LHS Illustration classes. 

Digital Media - Mary Pappas purchased an additional digital video production camera to be used in her popular Digital Video classes.

Social Studies

American History - Rob Collins, Social Studies department Chair, purchased a classroom set ofPatriot Parson of Lexington, Massachusetts. The Patriot Parson will allow the AP US History students an important opportunity to delve deeper into the rich colonial legacy of the town.

World Languages

Balance Cushions - Maureen Haviland purchased a classroom set of balance cushions for her Latin classes. The cushions allow students to move around and increases classroom focus. 

Poet-in-Residence - Lili Pan and Jieying Yao brought in a ‘Poet-in-Residence’ for the Mandarin classes to develop a clear picture of the central role which “The Three Perfections” (poetry, painting and calligraphy) occupy in the culture’s rich history. Students also had an opportunity to  personally experience the way the Eastern approach to creative writing can enhance their own creative efforts.


Bottle Rockets - Physics students explored and integrated physics using bottle rockets. The grant enabled Avon Lewis to purchase additional supplies and stations for this educational and fun lab experience.


Graphing Calculators - Jill Gormisky, Walter Richardson, Wendy Cordero, Kelly Anderson and Lindsay Mosca all received additional TI-84 graphing calculators for their classes. This enables students to have a full class experience when graphing calculators are needed. 

Stomp Rockets - Francesca Pfrommer enhanced her teaching of parametric equations in pre-calculus through the use of stomp rockets.


Video Camera - Freshmen and juniors will no longer miss out on special classroom guest speaker events as Jennifer Wolfrum used her grant to purchase a video camera to record special lectures.