2014-15 PTSA Grants Awards

Each year, the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) awards Lexington High School educators grants to enhance the education of LHS students. These grants are funded by PTSA membership fees and directed parent donations.

The Grants committee is pleased to announce that $6,077.47 was awarded this year to ten projects. For the 2014- 2015 school year, the PTSA Grant Review Committee has awarded grants to the following LHS faculty members and Departments:


Karen Russell: Funding was awarded for a third year Harvard Philosophy student and Harvard Fellow to teach three sophomore classes in argument construction for the purpose of improving students writing of analytic essays.

Chelsea Baum: Funding was awarded for the purchase of 25  bungee chairs that would offer students a change in seating within an innovative classroom setting.

 Kristen Bellows: Funding was awarded for participation in summer course entitled, “Teaching the Text: Summer Institute by Teachers As Scholars”. Course will assist teacher in the instruction of a variety of texts that connect to contemporary life’s issues. Teacher hopes to engage students in thinking while reading about connections of their lives to the texts they are reading.


Chris Doucette, Veronica Solomon: Funding was awarded for the purchase of twelve of the latest­ model graphing calculators (TI­84 Plus). Six will be used in the learning center for students needing academic support in mathematics. The other six will be used in statistics and math 3 classes by students who have older models handed down by siblings. The newer models handle large data sets and statistical programs that the older models don't support.  Students are able to analyze data and create quick visual representations of the data, allowing students to focus on interpreting results, rather than getting bogged down in a complicated calculation. 

Laura Sheppard Brick: Funding was provided for the purchase of “Puzzles for Probability” project activity. The activity will encourage students to think about puzzle arrangement and probability while answering the question, “How many ways can you arrange this puzzle?”

Physical Education

Eamonn Sheehan: Funding was awarded for the replacement of TV monitor and Blu-ray player for the physical education center at LHS. All six physical education teachers will use the equipment during class to enhance their teaching and student learning practice. TV will be used for educational videos.

Special Education

Eileen Hirsh, Christine Stueve: Funding was awarded for the purchase of resources of relevant materials for the Intensive Learning Program’s library. A number of teachers will have access to the resources for many students.

Kate Dobbins: Funding was awarded for the purchase of 10    bungee chairs that would offer students a change in seating within an innovative classroom setting.

World Languages

Lili Pan, JieyingYao: Funding was awarded for a Chinese Calligraphy Workshop for all the students taking Mandarin. The workshop serves to expand the cultural component of the class.