LHS School Council Election 2018

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The LHS School Council is seeking two (2) LHS parent candidates to each serve a three-year term starting in 2018-2019.  Please cast your vote for two (2) parent representatives to the LHS School Council.

Ballots due no later than May 13, 2018

The purpose of the School Council is to work collaboratively with the Principal to develop school improvement plans consistent with system wide goals and student performance standards set by the Massachusetts Board of Education.  Council members plan ways to meet the diverse learning needs of students; establish a school climate of tolerance and respect for every individual; involve parents in the life of the school; impact safety and discipline; enhance extracurricular activities and more. The Council is composed of five LHS parents, five faculty, two community representatives, three students and the Principal.

 Voter Eligibility:  Parents and guardians of current 8th, 9th, 10th or 11th grade students are eligible to vote. Each parent/guardian in a household can cast a vote.  

  • Each voter must complete a separate ballot.
  • Vote for NOT more than TWO candidates.
  • The two (2) candidates receiving the highest number of votes will serve for a term of three (3) years.

The following are the bios from the candidates.  You can click here to vote after reading their bios.

Candidate bios:

Neerja Bajaj

I would like to be considered for the position of Lexington High School (LHS) Council parent member. My son graduated LHS in 2014 and my daughter is a LHS freshman. I look forward to being part of our journey ahead. I have volunteered extensively in Lexington schools working with principals, teachers, and parents and the community on issues of diversity and inclusion, mental health and town-wide activities. I am the IAL co-president and a member of the recently instituted Diversity Advisory Taskforce. In the past I have served a class president, a member of New Family Committee and Parents sessions at Clarke. I have a Masters in Computer Science and I am an active member of Women in Technology. I am discouraged by the numbers that suggest that we have a significant drop in girls in technology. Finding ways to encourage kids to do STEM and finding ways to incorporate arts with STEM is a passion of mine. I am a daughter of a High School teacher. I have also taught Math and computer science as an adjunct professor at University of Maryland. I bring my experience, education and passion to this volunteer position.

Curt Barrentine

I would like to submit my request for membership consideration to the LHS School Site Council. I have 2 daughters attending Lexington Schools - 9th and 6th grade.

I have been a Hastings (2 terms & co-chair for 2nd term) & Diamond (1 term) Site Council member. 

I am currently on the Permanent Building Committee as the School Committee representative for the Hastings new school project.

I am also on the Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee as a parent representative to help advise Dr. C around redistricting options.

I participated as a parent rep for the LHS 2020 Visioning session this year which was an interactive working session over 2 days with students, teachers, school administration, parents and community members to envision what Lexington would want in a future high school. 
I have worked in IT for large financial services companies for most of my career and would like to volunteer my time and experience in elementary and middle school site council involvement to the LHS site council.

Amy Boutwell

I am writing to express interested in being considered to participate on the LHS School Council. I am the mother of three (ages 14, 11, 8) and  - incredibly - I will have a child at Lexington High continuously for the next 10 years! For the past 10 years, I have been involved with kids and parents in town primarily as a T-ball and softball/baseball coach in town. As that phase winds down for my family, I am eager to invest effort in my next meaningful, long term commitment. As a physician who focuses on improving the way the healthcare system works, I might offer the Council not only the perspective of a family with 3 kids coming though the next decade at LHS, but also specific support on the many issues about health and wellness that are current challenges and priorities. Drawing from my work in improving healthcare systems, I know that the success of our school community relies on engaged individuals, leadership at all levels, and vibrant collaborations. I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to focus my community contributions toward the LHS School Council for the next three years. 

Angela Chang

I am running for LHS Site Council to help Principal Stephens and the LHS community support students during this formative time in their lives. I have served on Clarke and Bridge Site Councils for the past several years and spent many years at Bridge organizing their Family Math Nights and Math Team. I currently have a freshman at LHS and a 7th grader at Clarke. We have lived in Lexington for the past 10 years. 

As a computer science teacher at Lexington Christian Academy, I aim to make programming and logical thinking accessible to all students, not just the STEM oriented. Previously, I taught math and computer science for 7 years at a high performing public high school in Silicon Valley. My own high school experience was in suburban Maryland at a multiethnic public high school the size of LHS. Drawing upon my three “high school experiences” as well as my time in college, graduate school, and the software industry, I hope to bring perspective on students finding the right post-high school fit short-term as well as the them becoming confident and purposeful adults in the long-term.

Balancing academic achievement, extracurricular pursuits, and social/emotional health is a complex issue to be addressed by all stakeholders involved. Among the many issues, I will pursue discussion in the area of LHS course offerings, course curricula, and certain classroom practices so that students can better achieve that healthy balance and foster a love for learning in their high school career.  

Fran Lacombe

I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your endorsement to become a parent representative on the LHS School Council. I have been a resident of Lexington since 2010, and currently have children attending LHS, Clarke, Bridge and an upcoming preschooler.  With respect to my perspective as a parent, my children range in academic performance from the honor student, to comfortably average, to learning disabled.  As such, it is important to me that all social and academic styles be equally represented within the council forum.  I would also act as a voice for fellow parents. From a qualification standpoint, in my professional career I lead a project management team focused on strategy, execution and delivery and can offer those skills to support the council.  I have participated in PTA/PTO organizations at various levels throughout the years, and am currently serving a three-year term as of member of the Lexington Catholic Community Parish Council.  My desire to fill this position stems from a vested interest in assuring the LHS community maintains the core values that set it apart from other public schools - not only the rigor of education, but the diversity of opportunity and support available to its students.  At the same time it is important to support continued growth and the evolution of education delivery.  As a participant in the visioning process conducted last December, it would be a privilege to play a part in guiding that vision into becoming a reality.

Ann Ostrowski

I would like to be considered for school council. My name is Ann Ostrowski. I have lived in Lexington for more than 10 years. Currently, I have four kids in the Lexington public schools. My oldest is in ninth grade at LHS. I also have an eighth grader at Clarke and a fourth and first grader at Harrington. 

I’m currently co-chair of Harrington’s site council. I’ve also served on Harrington’s PTO board. In addition, I am a long-time Big Backyard walk leader, library volunteer and room parent. 

I am deeply invested in the Lexington public schools and feel that having four children in all three levels of school helps me to have a unique understanding of our school system as a whole. More important, I will have a child at the high school for the next 11 years. What happens there matters a lot to me.

I have a B.A. in English from Boston College and spent many years in the publishing industry as an editor and writer, in both print and web applications. 

I would relish the opportunity to help make Lexington High School an even better place for our kids to go to school. 

Deb Sabin

I have been a parent with children in the Lexington schools since 1998. My sons Zachary and Matthew graduated from Lexington High school, and my daughter Elena will be an incoming freshman beginning next year. As a parent, I was a member of the Bridge School site council, and I also served as coordinator of the METCO Family Friends program. My background is as a high school teacher, and I taught briefly at LHS, although I am now a CAO with Amplify, an education technology company. As a parent, an educator, and as someone who visits schools around the country, I truly appreciate how my kids have benefited from LHS, and I also see how both stability and change rely on parents, teacher, school administrators, and community folks working together productively: to continue to support important initiatives and to plan for effective change. For example, I believe the strong academic offerings at a diversity of levels is an important and longstanding commitment the school makes to serve all its students. Both my sons received extraordinary preparation at LHS and breezed into their college classes. I have also seen how LHS academics has been impacted by the 'age of assessment' in ways that may not benefit all our students. I believe that the school site is a forum where the diverse perspectives of community members work together to create a balanced path forward for LHS. I would love to represent the LHS parents in this way.  

Cathy Swan

My name is Cathy Swan and I would like to be a parent representative to the LHS School Council.  I have been a Lexington resident for the past 15 years and my husband and I have four children in the Lexington public school system. We have a daughter at LHS, a son in 8th grade at Clarke and twins who are in 6th grade at Clarke. Before moving to Lexington, I was an elementary school teacher.  I am in my second and final year on the Site Council at Clarke. I am on the Scheduling Committee to help evaluate/improve the middle school schedule. During our 11 years at Bowman I was very involved with the PTA and served on the Executive Board for three years as secretary. I also served on the Superintendent’s AdHoc Student Assignment Committee to address the overcrowding issue at the elementary level and would like to continue working on this problem at the high school. I have volunteered at LHS to host the Jr. Prom reception, helped at the All Night Grad party, made the teacher treats for 2 years and helped with Laura Lasa’s retirement party.  I am a vice president of the Field Hockey Boosters. I am eager to work with Mr. Stephens and other members of the council to enhance the educational experience of our students and to help make LHS the best school it can be.  Thank you for your consideration.

Joe Zhu

I feel excited to have the opportunity to offer my services as a parent representative on the LHS School Site Council. My son is currently a freshman at LHS and daughter at Harrington. Before joining the Lexington community, our family had a nine-year experience with private education.  I am currently a Full Professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) with specialties in business operational research and data analytics. I was also a middle school math teacher for two years before I went for graduate studies. After receiving my PhD in Engineering from UMASS-Amherst, I started my teaching career in WPI. During my 20-year tenure at WPI, I have visited and worked closely with students and colleagues around the globe in countries including China, Japan, Korea New Zealand, Spain, UK, Netherlands, and others. I am also the PhD program Director at the Foisie Business School (WPI), a Chang Jiang Scholar Chair Professor awarded by the Ministry of Education of China, Feng Tay Chair Professor at National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (Taiwan), and the founding Dean of College of Auditing and Evaluation at Nanjing Audit University (China). From such a rich variety of educational and leadership experience, I firmly believe that schools and parents should provide unconditional support and create a positive learning environment for our children to strive for excellence and achieve the sense of real achievement based on their own interests. If elected, I will do my best to further advance the communication between the school and parents.